In 2002 - 2010 I was Army  officer in Georgia  and had served on different positions from Platoon to Battalion Commander. I have several combat experience, such as  peacekeeping operations in Iraq and  Afghanistan  (2006-2007) and Local war between Georgia and Russia in 2008.

My military life gave me such skills as - making decision in extremely hard situation, multiple unit management, risk and stress management, logistic management and effective negotiations. Main lesson I've learned, is that, the cost you are paying for wrong decision(s) is much more less than the cost you are paying  for do not make any decision(s).

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2011 - I got my MA degree in Information Management and started working in different projects dealing with information technologies. In 2013 I with my partner founded eLearning Systems development company. Involvement in this sphere gave me very useful experience and skills , that could be applied in the movie making as well, because ICT solutions are of special importance here too.

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2012 - This year two very important events happened in my life: 1) my son Alex was born and 2) I  got acquainted with the magical world of filmmaking.
The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, which received directing award on Sundance (2013) festival, was my first project. I realized what I wanted to do in my life. Thus began my adventure in FILMMAKING! 
Despite of all the challenges and complexity that are characteristic of the shooting process, set became a place where I feel myself incredibly happy.
In my filming career I mostly worked as a freelancer.
For now there is two locations i'm living:
  • NYC - where I moved not long ago (2018) and already have done couple of very interesting projects
  • Georgia (country) - where i'm from and have the opportunity to shoot any project (commercial and music videos, movies) for any kind of budget.
If you want to get more professional details about me, see my CV below .

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